Calling all Gamers - PS5, Nvidia, Stadia, Xbox Series X....which wins?

Now, at AUKEY - you all probably know that we create products which support gamers all over, from our precision gaming mice or our brilliant mechanical keyboards for those satisfying button presses, so we’re always keeping our ears to the ground when it comes to gaming developments.

With news heating up over the battle of the consoles, especially seeing that PS5 + Xbox Series X are set to duke it out on September 24 at the Tokyo Game Show 2020, we’d love to see what console you guys favor.

Personally, I’ve been a PS fan most of my life - but PC gaming was always up there. Past few years though, I’ve gamed less and less, but with the advent of new machines and other competitors consoles such as Nvidia and Stadia or even Steam gaming, I’m now excited again about the possibility of amazing gaming on consoles.

What’s your fav? Are you a console gamer, PC gamer or both?


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Can’t help with this one as I don’t do any gaming at all and haven’t for nearly 20 years.
Maybe I should take it up now that I won’t be working full time for a while anyway… Is Pacman still alive… DOOM and Quake was cool too…

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For me it’s been Xbox since halo 3 days but before that was PlayStation. In the end if I do get the new console I would probably stick with Xbox since I have a good bit in games for the 360 and the x1.

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I would go for Stadia… easier than lot of these, less hardware :+1:

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I did a fair bit of PC gaming in high school, and was very excited for Halo back when it was supposed to be a Bungie game on the mac. Then a friend got an Xbox in college, and we wasted way too much should have been studying time playing Halo.

After years without a console, got an Xbox One S a year or so ago and that is now my primary gaming platform. Game Pass Ultimate is a great platform, using microsoft rewards I get it basically free, and the Xbox itself was under $200 by the time I get one.

I will almost certainly end up with the Series X eventually, but I am not an early adopter of consoles. So that will be a few years down the road.

For me, low costs and the simplicity of sitting down in front of my TV to play a few games is just massively better than being up to date with the best monitor, fastest graphics cards, and latest game developments. I don’t want to worry about driver support and having the latest and greatest when I just want to have some fun playing.

I haven’t owned a console since PS3. I like both the PS and Xbox and don’t have the time. My buddy has a PS4 and his roommate has an xBox.

I like PC Gaming. I own an Alienware m15 R2 that I got last July and plan on selling it later this year for an Alienware Area 51(maybe). I do a mixture of class games like Age of Empires II, Command Conqure, Starcraft, Diablo Series. But I also like like First Person Shooters. I’m Currently replaying Gears 5 and about to purchase another game. What really like about PC gaming is there are lot of games that you play on xBox live and play with players that are on a console.

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For the last 10 years I have been in the xbox camp. I am hoping to stay either Xbox and PC. I feel that this is going to be a good direction going forward, I like how Xbox is doing the game pass thing and i am confident in the amount they have investing in the cloud gaming, that it will actually be a viable thing within the next 2-3 years, especially with 5g coming.


First of all, welcome to the Community! Great to have another join the mix :smiley:

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Some interesting points made, I do love how you can play so many games on PC, but with new developments to the major consoles, I am sure things will heat up for choice and playability, especially as @Jaymesbry mentioned, with 5G coming - I foresee better VR becoming a big thing!

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Since there’s a few gamer heads here, what would you recommend for an intermediate/inexpensive setup?

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Have had Playstation 1-4, looking forward to getting 5 when it’s released, but recently been playing a lot more Switch and Steam/PC stuff

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Kinda depends on what kinda games you like really. Xbox has an amazing racing series called forza plus halo and gears of war, but PlayStation has some VR stuff and there own exclusives. I would say casual and inexpensive would be a console and a tv. Basic and easy, if you get into it more then upgrade the accessories like headsets and controllers.

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Nice! I remember the days of PS1 - that load screen ha, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Still barely had the chance to try a switch, but they look good - worth getting one you think?

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Depends on how much time you can game, it’s nice for traveling and on the go. I’ve come to find they have a great amount of indie games that originally came out on Steam too such

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My brother is a big fan of his Switch. Mobile and TV play are a great combination. He basically has Zelda, MarioKart and Smash Brothers as the big 3 and a few others - that is a lot of gametime out of the new zelda, and two great group / party games.

@TahaEng Yes, that makes sense - I loved the Wii when it first came out for group games, and a bit of fun. Certainly can see Nintendo continuing that with the Switch.

@MrRobot Sounds good to me, I like Indie games - helping those small teams or indie studios is great. May have to invest :smiley: