Cable savers have you tried them?

Anybody have any experience with these?

In my opinion it’s a gimmick to get a couple of quid out of you.
Good quality cables like from Aukey and various others do not need those, they are perfectly safe the way you buy them.
On certain cheap cables, those things probably just make them an even bigger fire hazard and able to produce even more toxic fumes when they catch fire.

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Good quality cables never go bad, I have some cables which I have used over last 2 years, with multiple bends / turns and still holding good.

I would suggest we spend a bit more, and get good quality cable :+1:

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I haven’t used them. I only have a few cables that have every gone bad in this way. Most die when the metal piece gets bent too badly at some point. Or they fail at the connection of the cable to the connector - past where this would do any good.

But one of my xbox controllers has a strain relief coming out of the controllerthat split; I wonder if something like this could replace that.

Might be okay for existing cables.

Not sure I could ever see them working too well. Without any serious anchoring it would be hard to protect the cable from damage.

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