BR-O8 optic to analog bypass not working


I’ve recently bought a BR-O8 Bluetooth wireless transmitter and it seems to not function properly.

When in Bypass mode, if I connect the optical cable of my TV to the BR-O8 and then through the 3.5mm jack to my Hi-Fi there is no sound.

I know the TV optical cable is properly connected because if I put the BR-O8 in transmitter mode and connect wireless headphones I can hear the TV. I know the 3.5mm cable to my Hi-Fi is working because if I connect the TV to the BR-O8 with a 3.5mm cable, there is sound on the Hi-Fi, and also in Receiver mode I can connect my smartphone to the BR-O8 through Bluetooth and there is sound on my Hi-Fi.

From what I’ve read in the manual this should work, but I’ve tried all kinds of settings on my BR-O8 and there is no way to bypass the TV on optical cable to the Hi-Fi on 3.5mm.

Is this the expected behavior of the BR-O8 or is it faulty and I should return it?


Hi @hfilipe

I’ve referred this to our CS team to answer :slight_smile:


Hi @Kelly_AUKEY

Have you got an answer from CS team?