Blue tooth SK-M12 Volume

Speaker Volume problem:
When our phone is paired with BT speaker Model SK-M12 so we can listen to music the volume is extremely LOUD. We turn the volume down on the phone to low and the sound cuts out altogether and if we turn it up slightly it blasts us out of the house. The volume controls on the Blue Tooth speaker still won’t let us lower the volume so it will actually play.



I’ve asked our support team and they need to check with the product manager about this potential fault - in the mean time, please send a message to us via email:


What phone is it?

Apple 6S phone

Thank you. I will wait for your response. If I plug the phone directly into the speaker using the supplied jack no problem. Sound problem just on Blue Tooth play.

OK, sorry I am not good with iPhone, if it was a Samsung Galaxy device I could have helped you troubleshooting a little