Bit expensive :-)

I was browsing on Amazon and spotted this one :slight_smile:


Forgot to add that I have notified the seller account as well.

@JSH1973 :laughing: Must be “quality”:+1:


I imagine that’s… Not the right price ha.

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Its probably a 3rd party trying to catch someone on a brain fart. I see it here and there on other sellers as well from time to time. That or they themselves made a “whoopsy”.

I cannot afford it :worried:

Imagine paying that much :laughing:


Couldd you possibly give me the link for this, if you happen to have it in your history - we’d like to contact this 3rd party. Thanks :slight_smile:

3rd party sellers are the worst sometimes

Yeah…hard to control.

I think their administrator don’t know how to input prices

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Not even for one product :laughing:

It’s not in the screenshot but there was a listing for 400 GBP as well :slight_smile:
Im fairly sure they are supposed to be 30.00 and 40.00 instead but someone is a bit ham-fisted with the keyboard lol

@JSH1973 @Dane_AUKEY
Found it!!

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Thanks! I have no idea why its like that ha…

Another person from the Community shared the link with me yesterday. We’re dealing with it :slight_smile:


That’s good to know.

It’s quite funny though, you have to laugh a little :joy:
I’ll get a few of those with 4 or 5 usb ports at some stage though, for the items that don’t need 25W fast charging like my Note 10 plus they will serve their purpose

Aye, decent product…when at the right price :laughing:

This is why I buy authorized reseller only. Third party I reserve for Ebay and such when I am clearly gambling on an item. Smaller electronics I always try and utilize main sellers to use the warranty if needed. No muss, no fuss

I actually thought the Amazon sellers were part of the Aukey sales channels.
You didn’t see the email I got back from them but it said Aukey Customer Care in the signature.
Anyway, it was only a funny listing and not something that caused an issue so it is all good