BEWARE: Aukey does not honor warranty for products purchased at

According to a representative from, Aukey only provides warranty from purchases made from, and NOT from their “official” store shop . aukey . com

This is my original e-mail:

"Hi !

Last year I ordered the following items:

- 4-in-1 USB-C Hub with Wireless Charging MODEL CB-C70 (From Aukey . com)
- USB C Charger, AUKEY USB PD Charger 60W PD 3.0 MODEL PA-D5 (From Amazon . com but sold by AUKEY direct, Aukey . com did not have it in stock)
- Impulse Braided USB-C to C cable (From Aukey . com)

I’ve attached the invoices on this e-mail.

I’ve been using this with a lenovo Laptop, a Lenovo E480 without any issues for some time, however a couple of months ago, I started having some issues with the E480 not being able to recognize the USB-C hub anymore. Troubleshooting the issue, initially I discovered that the USB-C from the laptop was not working. So I had the board changed and tested with other devices (I also have a USB-C regular hub from Aukey) and it was working. However, as soon as I plugged in my Wireless Charging HUB, I noticed that the computer failed to recognize it again, and to my surprise, it DAMAGED the laptop’s new USB-C port, so for the second time I had to change the motherboard for it.

Since the laptop was under warranty, Lenovo replaced both motherboards without costs.

I was able to test it with another laptop that was going to get scrapped from a friend (Lenovo T490) and again as soon as we plugged in the USB hub, the USB port went dead.

My friend who provided me this laptop noticed that the power adapter (aukey) smelled funny so may have damaged the hub and the hub in the end damaged the laptop.

I definitely have a faulty product and I’m looking for a replacement for the same model if possible. However I’m not sure if the problem is with the Power Adapter or the USB Hub. I could send both to analysis if you’d like.

Thank you"

They replied that they could only refund the charger because it is not sold anymore (which obviously they still do, since it’s in stock from their store and they could do nothing regarding my purchase (usb-c hub) made from their “official” store, stating that:

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Sorry for this website we only cover the warranty on Amazon.

Best wishes,


Service team"

Even after I said that it does not make sense that Aukey does not honor warranty from purchases MADE FROM THEIR OWN OFFICIAL STORE!

:rage: BEWARE!!! :rage:

@Dane_AUKEY @Simon_AUKEY can you guys look at the incident reported by user


Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear you’ve had this response.

The reason why they said this is that the email is run by our Amazon team. I’ve shared this info with our team that is responsible for the online store - - and we’ll be in touch to support you with this.

I can promise you that the warranty is valid.



@Dane_AUKEY thanks for the response.

I´m glad to hear that this was just a small confusion and a bad choice of words from support.

I would strongly suggest adding the correct e-mail address to support orders from on the website or the service analysts clearly state that a different department manages orders from shop . aukey. com, when replying to orders which are clearly from shop . aukey. com.


Yes, I agree. I’ll certainly pass this on! :pray: