B80s Took a Spin

Was loving my new B80s until I left them in a pocket and they went for a spin in my washer. Now they won’t charge or turn on. It’s a front-load washer, so they would not have been submerged or pushed beyond their IPX6 rating? I’ve had other earbuds survive this test of fate without issue.

Hi @napoleon_d

Unfortunate putting them through a wash…I’ve nearly done that myself!

I’ve messaged our customer support @Kelly_AUKEY to check this as you say, it should be ok with the ipx6. I guess detergent may play a part. :thinking:

Yeah IPX rating only covers clean fresh water, salt water or water with detergents will rip through the protection.
Your house insurance might cover it though, many people don’t check if they have cover for electronics.

Yeah, I had a similar problem. Dropped it in toilet - fine… Washing machine, didn’t survive :sob:

Any update?

Hi Napoleon_d,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. From the details that you’ve provided, we don’t recommend that the B80s are exposed to water for too long,I suggest that you delete the pairing record on the devices, after that try to reset it.
Please contact this email if it still doesn’t work: support@aukey.com

What are the steps for reset? I’m not seeing a light when I plug it in to charge, so not very hopeful.