Auriculares AUKEY-EP-T28

I bought a bluetooth headset 48 hours ago and the right earbud is not working. The left earphone works perfectly.
The left earbud pairs perfectly with the mobile phone but the right earbud does not turn on.
At first I thought it was a battery problem. I put the earbuds on charge and they both still have 3-4 charging points.
I have tried pairing, unpairing and unlinking the mobile phone, turning on the two earbuds simultaneously, turning on separately …
I have tried everything I have read in the forums in these cases but the right earbud still does not work.
Yesterday I was going to process the return of the headphones with Amazon. But what else can I do?
Thank you very much.


Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Seems that you may have an issue with the headphones - continue your discussion with the Amazon support team for a potential solution or replacement.


Thank you so much for everything.

I will process the return of the headphones with Amazon.

A greeting.

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