Aukey WF-R7 AC750 - keeps disconnecting all other clients of my modem

Hello, I bought a Aukey WF-R7 AC750 - wifi repeater. I am able to configure and it repeats my wifi, however, the connection keeps dropping. Also, other clients connected to the same wifi network (for example my iphone) keeps disconnecting from the wifi if the repeater is also connected to the modem.
As soon as I remove the repeater from the power supply, all clients can connect steadily to the modem, therefore the issue is not on the modem or on my internet provider.
How to solve this? I only need the repeater to replicate wifi signal into a sound system that only works with ethernet cable. I won’t need to connect to the SID generated by the repeater.

HI @lelo1981

Our customer service team will reach out to you with further support :pray: