AUKEY USB C Hub MacBook Pro (7 in 1) with 4K HDMI, Thunderbolt 3, 2 USB 3.0, USB-C Data Port and SD/TF Card Reader USB Type C Hub

I purchased this hub back in may and since then it’s been a dream! Then about a month ago my headset (that i purchased in may as well) that I’ve used all along with the USB port started to distort my voice. My students describe it as a deranged robot when it happens and they can’t understand me. Is there anything i can do to correct this?

Being married to a teacher in 2020, I honestly laughed a little at “deranged robot”. Sorry. I would send an email to and see if they can help you. This forum is undergoing a transition right now and I’m not sure how many people from Aukey are actually reading these posts.

Thank you for this information, i really appreciate it. Ya let me tell you, lecturing to a computer screen and then seeing all the faces looking at you like you just spoke in a different language is starting to take a toll on the lessons. Hahah good luck to you both with the remainder of 2020! Again, I appreciate the help.