AUKEY USB C Hub 12-in-1 Type C Adapter

Just a question here … I purchased this adapter because it had more USB ports than Anker’s similar product but my question lies in the display resolution.

I am using this with my Razer Blade 14" laptop with pretty much maxed out specs for it. I have it connected to two external monitors (27" BenQ with max resolution of 1080p and 32" BenQ with max resolution of 1440p). When I connect both monitors to the hub, the max resolution I can get is 1080p on both monitors. Is this correct? Is there no way to run the second monitor at 1440p while connected to this hub?


I’ve asked our support team and they need to check with the product manager about this potential issue - in the mean time, please send a message to us via email:

Thanks :pray:

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OK, I will gladly go ahead and email them as well. I just figured this was a great place to start asking this question. I just may be a little disappointed if I spent the money on this and I have to buy a VIA or some other USB-C hub in order to use multiple monitors with the hub.