Aukey USB 2.0 to C Cable (CB-CMD29)- Gets the job done!

I had the opportunity to use the Aukey USB-A to USB-C cables. During my time using them, in various situations, they get the job done and have been shown to be durable.

Packaging and first impressions:
The cables came as a two pack, each was 6ft in length. The box was clean, no over the top graphics, just enough to describe what is inside. Inside the box were the two cables, user guide and of course the Aukey sticker. The specs for the cable are below:
Output: 5v-20v 3A
Material: Nylon
Length: 6 feet (2m)

I didn’t at first notice from the package that the cables were braided, that was the 1st thing I noticed when I removed them from the box, this speaks durability and style to me. The braid is made from nylon, which means it should be resistant to breaks and tangling. The ends of the cable also have a thick rubber covering that extends over the wire. This should help keep the end from becoming frayed from every day use and bends at the port.

The cables include a strap to keep the cables together when transporting. This can also be used to keep the wires organized, since this cable is 6ft long having the ability to keep it organized is important. This came in handy many times as 6ft is a long cable. In my car the 12v outlet is in the center console, between the seats. In this case I use the strap to adjust the perfect amount of cable to reach where my phone sits. The nylon braid fit right in with my black interior.

The first thing I did was charge my cell phone (Google Pixel 3a) using Aukey’s 10,000mAh power bank. As expected the phone immediately started charging, however not rapidly. Based on the specs the cable should be compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge. I’ve only been able to achieve rapid charging while using USB-C to USB-C (power delivery). My Pixel may not indicate when it is using Qualcomm Quick Charge, none the less charging speed is still good.
Update: I was incorrect, my Pixel does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge, therefore I was unable to confirm with my test. However, it should work with a compatible device.

I brought one of the cables into the car with me, utilizing a Aukey 12v charger. With the cable it was also the case that the phone was charging at standard speed, however using a different cable that was type C (PD) I get rapid charging from this same 12v block. Again this may just be that the phone does not indicate it. The cable was also used to charge using the USB port in my car. Unfortunately I do not own a car with Android Auto so I was unable to test the compatibility. The cables do not seem to affected by drastic temperature changes. Currently in the Mid-Atlantic of the US it’s winter and have had unusually high temperature variation. One cable has been left in the car was exposed to this change. The wire always worked as expected. The braiding of the cable did seem to help insulate the wire, as when cold it maintained more flexibility than the non-braided cable I normally use.

One cable has been brought back and forth to work and has been used to charge two different phones (Google Pixel 3a and Huawei Honor 8) using various sources of power, Huawei power block, LG power block and a few computers’ USB ports. All worked as expected. This cable was wound up each day and does not show any signs of wear or creases in the wire.

I did some testing with data transfers between my phone and computer. Speeds were very quick, i didn’t notice any delay. I moved files of different sizes from one to another and viewed media on the device through the computer and was impressed. I was able to transfer a couple minute long HD video from the phone to a computer quickly. Watching HD video stored on my phone and playing through the computer was clear and opened immediately.

The plug itself fits snugly in the USB ports, there was not much wiggle when plugged in. I positioned the wire in tight angles to check the durability of the wire. In no instances did the wire stop working or become damaged. The thicker rubber around the ends definitely helps.

Overall thoughts:

This is a quality cable that was designed to last and have good visual appeal, with the braided design. Thought by Aukey was put in to include a cable strap on a 6ft cable, allowing for better management and organization. Data transfer was quick for viewing media and transferring files. While the specs do confirm that it is compatible with Quick Charging, I was unable to confirm that.

If you have any specific questions or want additional information, feel free to post them. I can see these cables becoming a part of my daily tech.


Nice review, good test and writeup. Should be several more appearing here shortly, and then the next round of testing can begin.


Well done on the write up :+1:
Personally I would have been a little clueless as how to test something as simple as cables, but you showed good creativity, fair play to you.
I’m going to be replacing all my cables and chargers etc. with top of the line stuff for both best performance but also a bit of future proofing so these reviews are a great help


Hi @Wcavaliere88, thanks for your detailed review and we’re glad to hear the cable has performed well. However, unfortunately, Google Pixel 3a doesn’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge - only USB-PD for quick charging.


Great detailed review. I enjoyed reading it and the pictures.

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Thanks… For some reason I thought it did. Thank you for the information

Google put in a fair bit of restrictions on what cables can be used with Pixel phones and they weren’t very good at getting the message out there to the general public.


Great detailed review, thanks for sharing!!

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