Aukey Support - Contact methods to include Email, Chat, Phone

The current Aukey support page on main Aukey siteseems to have a Web Form submitting the product details and requesting support to contact back. Hopefully the new Aukey forum will also be support channel for Aukey Products.

I have never had any issues with Aukey Products so far (touch-wood :crossed_fingers:) however I feel the support for Aukey should have an email address, Chat option and a contact number to reach out to!

This makes it much more user friendly for users to reach out and simply contact the support. I do know there is a support email but this is not shown on the Aukey website.

Not sure on Aukey plans to have these detailed on the main site, but it is always good to have these clearly visible and reachable for customers to submit their issues with Aukey Products.



We’re 100% committed to making this Community a support-first platform, so you can absolutely let us know about any support issues you may have.

I’m getting more of the team to visit multiple times a day, to ensure Support questions and queries are picked up and dealt with.

So, good suggestions and thanks as ever for your contribution :):+1:

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