AUKEY Sprint Go Mini Power Bank - YT Review

For those keen to test our new PB-Y36 power bank for Round 4 of testing, check out this view to see their thoughts.


Good review and to the point.

When two devices are connected, what is the split of wattage between both ports? An even 9W or does the Type C port get favored with a bit more wattage?


Nice review, the more I see the size/shape on that powerbank, the more I want one (but I don’t need one)
Just a thought/idea but would a forum/community YouTube channel be an idea?
Something along the lines of people who get selected for testing can do a video if they want without needing to have their own channel.
Obviously videos would need to be at a certain level of quality.

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Its’a nice idea. Could be worked out :slight_smile:

Aukey Top Fan TV :grin:


Nice review. I can’t wait to see the next testing round reviews after seeing this :grimacing:

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