AUKEY Scarab Gaming Mouse Review πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Hey folks,

I’m happy to share my review of the AUKEY Scarab Gaming Mouse. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on my review. Thank you and hope you enjoy it!


Nice review! I would definitely not use some of those features (I like the light to come from my monitor, not my mouse), but on the whole it sounds like an effective and flexible tool. Hope you continue enjoying it for a long time to come.

Also, interesting choice of platform to post it. I like medium, but it hadn’t occurred to me to post a review there.


Excellent review :+1:
the gifs was really a great idea and makes it sell, coloured, glittery blinking stuff always gets attention :joy:


Nice detailed review, pleasure reading it!!

The more I read about the Scarab Gaming Mouse, Aukey Software adds additional power and steroids into functioning of Mouse… It’s a Hardware and Software working together in conjunction to give a great user experience. Like the idea of Macro function :ok_hand:

Aukey has created a great Gaming Mouse :+1:

Thanks for sharing this review @andrewgobran :pray:


Fantastic review :slight_smile:

Loved the gifs! Adding a nice little touch there, especially as for Gamers, the RGB settings are a bit of a thing, so well done there.

Overall, I enjoyed the depth you put in - so thanks for that @andrewgobran :clap:


Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the feedback :blush:

Also, in case you’re curious why I publish my reviews on Medium; it’s because it can help get the review more exposure.

My reviews tend to get selected by Medium’s curators which gets it recommended to readers interested in related topics. In fact, this review already got curated :blush:


That is a good input, may be I will try there the next time :ok_hand:

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I can understand why they picked it up so quick :+1:
Never knew about Medium, I must have a look at it tomorrow.

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Medium is a great platform - so much useful info there!

Congrats on getting Curated :clap: I can certainly see why it was selected!

Thanks for the great review.

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