AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank 26500mAh

hi, i would like to know how many times I can charge my note10+ using the power bank in object.
thanks for any answer

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You would probably get about 6 full charges (0%-100%). The power bank holds 26500mah and the Note 10+ has a 4300mah battery. Hope this helps.

Edit: it will probably be lower if the phone is on and used while charging.

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I would imagine about 5 full charges plus a bit, then again you probably won’t charge from completely Zero every single time, so 6 charges like Wcavaliere88 suggest is a good ball park figure

Thanks for replying so quickly. Nowadays I’m using a power bank of another brand. It has the same capacity 26800, but I can charge my note10+ at most 3 times. Evidently it looks not good. I will do better when I’ll buy the Aukey’s one.