Aukey PowerStudio -- Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Aukey Powerstudio – Coming soon to Kickstarter!!

Hope all of you remember the post for Portable Power Station and the poll for the color…

Watch out, Aukey names the Portable Power Station as PowerStudio and this is coming soon on Kickstarter!!

So watch out… The color teased is a Steel blue

Unlimited Power.

Power your studio on-the-go.

PowerStudio 300

297Wh 9-Way Output 6-Way Input USB-C PD 100W

We’ve worked hard on designing the perfect portable power station for all of your needs. If you’re on the go for work or play, PowerStudio has you covered.

We’ve designed it to be rugged, as lightweight as possible and pack a punch when it comes to powering your devices.

Take a look at the number of charges the PowerStudio can achieve for the devices below.

STAY TUNED for the latest news on our upcoming launch, the Perks you’ll get on Indiegogo and of course, the discounts!

Reference : 300Wh Portable Power Station - Which Do You Prefer?


Looking great! Thanks for sharing @CK-Techie

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Nice! Thanks for sharing @CK-Techie :ok_hand:

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Nice one, thanks for letting us know :+1:
It will probably be a little pricey still but I will stick aside the pennies from now on and hopefully get one.


Updated the thread with more details, keep watching this space

It now says Indiegogo – @Dane_AUKEY can you confirm if it will be KickStarter or Indiegogo for PowerStudio

I believe it will be Indiegogo, but it may well be on both platforms. I’ll have to check :pray:

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