Aukey Powerbank questions

Hi, early last year I purchased this for my Huawei phone:

It worked amazingly. I couldn’t believe how quickly it charged my phone! Really useful when travelling.

Anyway, unfortunately I left it in a hotel room. So, I sought to buy a replacement. Unfortunately, the model doesn’t seem to be available anymore - presumably because it’s only micro-USB and doesn’t have USB C capability.

So I bought what I thought was the next best thing off amazon: (only comes with USB-C cable)

I’ve been using it a while and its performance doesn’t seem to be equal to the previous model referenced above.

Now, is this because I’m NOT using an Aukey cable? Obviously the new powerbank only came with a USB-C, but I need the Micro-usb cable to charge my phone. I’m currently using a Huawei micro USB cable which came with my phone.

So, if it is a Aukey micro usb cable I need, please let me know where I can purchase in UK? Thanks.


That’s a good little charger and should charge your phone just as fast. By performance, do you mean its a slower charge than the previous model? In general this should be able to charge your phone as fast as the older charger.

I had a similar issue with a competitor brand and I found that cables do effect the quality of your charge. Are you using an OEM or generic cable? If so, do you have any other cables you can try? I find OEM and generic cables have a slower charge then premium cables, plus they tend to fail quickly. Once they start to fail, the charging also slows down. I would suggest getting a new premium cable such as the CB-MD1X3 Gold-plated Reinforced Qualcomm Quick Charge Micro USB Cable. These should last you for years. If you plan on upgrading in less than a year, you may want to look at the CB-BAL5 3 In 1 MFI Lightning Cable With Micro USB & USB C Cable. This way you can use your new cable on any device or get an adapter.

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Yes, it seems that way but I want to know if it’s because I’m NOT using an Aukey cable? Thanks for your reply.

The Aukey cable shouldn’t cause this. Any premium (high quality) cable will charge your device. On my Aukey Power blocks, I use 4 different premium cable brands and they all charge faster than my OEM and generic cables I get with accessories.

By a slower charge, I mean the cable itself. I don’t have the knowledge to explain it. But on one of the boards I am on an engineer explained that OEM and generic cables will charge almost any device slower unless built for speed and generally OEM cables are cheaply designed.

Basically premium cables are thicker, have built in technologies, sometimes any require certifications to run at full speeds required by some manufactures.

If you need a better explanation, some one here can explain it better if not, when I get home from work, I can see if I can pull up an article that explains this.


I just realized I link to the wrong Aukey website. It looks like they removed all the Aukey Micro-USB from the website but are available on Amazon. -

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For more detail - the better quality cables have thicker wire, use better connections at each end, and thus have lower impedance. So you get a smaller voltage drop between the charger and the phone, and the phone can pull more current.

This is very obvious in long cables - 6+ feet especially. USB cables can be between 24 gauge (or AWG) and 28 gauge wire for the internal conductors. 28 is smaller than 24, wire diameter increases as gauge goes down… Sometimes the difference in charge speed can be getting 500mA (the bare bones minimum spec for USB) and getting 2+A (fast charging). The second one will charge 4 times as fast.

This article is 5 years old and still relevant.

But it absolutely should not matter who the manufacturer is, as long as they make a good quality cable. Aukey makes good ones, but so do a number of their competitors, and most phones come with a good one from the manufacturer. There is no lock in by brand, these cables are all built to meet a standard. It is just that that standard has flexibility on wire sizing.

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention. Some charging only cables work differently with different devices. The difference has to do with whether they short out the data pins or not, and is probably not your issue.

If you are charging your phone on the new powerbank with the same cable you used to plug into the old powerbank, everything should work the same. Both of those powerbanks support QC3 outputs over the USB-A output port at the same 18W maximum. If the cable is the same but charging is MUCH slower, something is not right.

If I read your post correctly your new powerbank is designed for usb-c but you are using micro USB?
I think usb-c are superior in charging capacity to the micro USB, not sure how much this means when it comes to using a powerbank compared to regular charging though

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OK, thx, will let you know how I get on.

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When I go to charge my phone from the Powerbank (mentioned above), I connect the micro-USB cable from powerbank to phone. I then turn on the power and the green lights appear on the powerbank. But, nothing happens? I then disconnect the micro-usb end of the cable from the phone and then reconnect whereupon the phone starts charging. This is the only way I can get the powerbank to start charging.

Could this be that I’m not using an Aukey cable? Your responses above suggest NO.

Or is it some software issue on the phone or something with the Powerbank.

I never had this type of problem with the previous Aukey powerbank I had (see first post).

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Sorry to hear about your problems with the powerbank. Please send an email to and someone will be able to answer your questions :blush:

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More than 2 wks ago, I emailed aukey as you suggested but haven’t heard anything.

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Hello there!

It may be related to your cable, because if the cable is not original or can meet the fast charge function, it may cause the charging speed to slow down. If you want to buy a product from our brand, you can search for the wire suitable for your phone type on Amazon UK.

Have a nice day!


Hello @Kelly_AUKEY

Welcome to three community! Nice to meet you, believe you are from Aukey support!

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That’s right.

We’re moving more people from Support onto the Community to ensure questions are answered in a timely manner, when I can’t answer it myself :smiley:


That’s really awesome @Dane_AUKEY This really makes the community an awesome space, and great to see more Aukey staff hear, helping and assisting users.


It’s a very good idea with a few support people who are actually trained in the products and troubleshoot them more regularly than us members, we can try and help but will always be a little limited as we don’t all own every single Aukey product… Well not yet anyway :grin:


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