Aukey PB-Y36 Sprint Go Mini Power Bank "Review"

I was provided with a sample unit of Aukey PB-Y36 sprint go mini power bank. This is rated at 10000 mAh (or 37 Wh). @Dane_AUKEY thanks for the test unit.

Packaging and Unboxing:
Power bank arrived in a small recycled paper box (100 points for being environmentally friendly). Inside, there was the power bank itself along with a 24 month warranty card, printed manual and a usb c to usb c cable.

Setup and Testing:
Power bank came about 75% charged (with 3 led’s lighted up). I used Aukey PA-Y18 charger to charge it to full capacity.
I’d like to educate the viewers about a few aspects of li-ion batteries and power bank. First of all, don’t fall for mAh rating. When you read mAh rating please note the voltage as well. For this power bank the mAh rating is 10000 mAh and since it uses 2 x 21700 li-ion batteries, the total energy will be 3.7V x 10000 mAh = 37 Wh
This power bank has 2 x 21700 cells connected in parallel. Each cell is about 5000 mAh so total is 10000 mAh.
The power bank will only dispense up to 37 Wh (taking transfer losses in consideration) at whatever voltage it is outputting.
This power bank is capable of handling up to 18 watt power output on either ports (usb A and usb c/pd). usb c/pd port is also used for charging power bank at up to 18 watt power. The power output through both ports will depend of what your device is capable of. My iphone SE (2016) charges with 5.1 V, 0.5 A while my LG X Charge charges with 9.1 V, 1.35 A (fast charge).
All fast charge capable devices will take full advantage of up to 18 watt power charging with PB-Y36.
Included usb c to c cable evaluation - I read a review on aukey store from Mr. Daniel Cooper “Included cable doesn’t support fast charging?” and it was intriguing. I checked the cable quality including impedance and I disagree with Mr. Cooper. This cable is fully capable of fast charging. I consistently got 18-19 watt power through the included cable.

On the power bank leds row the first led is for detecting high rate charging. This led turns orange when high power charging is detected (in/out).
There are 4 leds that are typically white to show the charge status of power bank. If you press the power switch for 2 sec the first of this led turns green to show that low rate charging mode is activated where the charging current of less than 60 mA is needed. This mode self deactivates in 2 hrs or you can manually disable by pressing power button for 2 sec.

One test that I really couldn’t do was test the power output of each port accurately while both ports are being used. This was due to both ports being very close to each other and I couldn’t stick my usb meter in :slight_smile:

Power bank capacity:
This is rated at 37 Wh. I did full discharge and then full charge and got 38.04 Wh for charge capacity. It is very spot on to the rated 37 Wh capacity.
Charge profile is shown in figure 1 and 2 below. Fig 1 is showing charging capacity and charging power vs time. Fig 2 is showing charge voltage and charging current vs time.
Figure 1. Power is on 2nd Y axis.

Figure 2. Current on 2nd Y axis.

Please note that power bank charges to full capacity in a little less than 3 hours. It charges to over 85% of capacity in less then 2 hours. Final 15% of the capacity is filled at a slower rate (typical for li-ions).
During full charging the power bank maintained 9.0 ± 0.05 V charging voltage.
My suggestions for users is to charge this powerbank for 2 to 2.5 hours and you will be good to go.

This power bank is awesome for its size and capacity. This is really pocketable and impressively small in size. I have no complaints at all. I’ll keep updating this review as I learn anything new in my testing.

Size vs iPhone SE (2016 model)


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