AUKEY PB-Y25 Warranty

I have submitted several contact us cases and never get any responses. I purchased a PB-Y25 from amazon on 10/19 and need to submit a warranty claim. Can someone here help?


Hi @alton987 Welcome to Aukey community

The best option I suggest is to contact the customer service team at with details on your purchase / purchase proof and Order number. They should get back to you.

The URL to register a product, you need to follow this link:

where did you buy it from Amazon US or Other geo?

For Aukey Products purchased on Amazon, Aukey has records of these in their database and can track the product warranty per the terms and conditions / period of warranty duration.

Also there is Warranty verification for products purchased outside Amazon, sold by AUKEY resellers in the specific countries and regions, details may be found link here (

If you have exact question on validity of warranty duration, Please submit your Amazon order details via the contact form ( and provide the requested information, Aukey Support will get back to you.


I emailed them yesterday. How long should I wait for a reply. I did not get any type of acknowledgement email.

This is the weekend, so probably early next week. I don’t think their support is 24/7.

I would give them 48 hours of regular business hours, considering the situation with Corona and so on

It’s a long weekend in US, so realistic response from Aukey can be Tuesday at the earliest.

Adding the Aukey community Support team @Kelly_AUKEY ( do drop a private message to Kelly as well)

Hi @alton987

Use this link and submit it. If you’ve already submitted it, then bare with us. I’ve shared your email with the CS team and they’ll get to it asap. :slight_smile:

As you bought it from amazon, your warranty is covered.

If you face trouble while registering on our website for warranty, please don’t be worried.
It doesn’t influence your warranty. The warranty came into action as soon as you purchased it and you can always ask questions and claim your warranty referring to your order ID from Amazon.The warranty span is of 24 months from the date you purchased it.

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