AUKEY PB-Y25 Review - Great QI capable battery bank

This battery was interesting to test, every port was a little different and there are a bunch. Almost all positives - compact for a medium capacity QC, PD and Qi capable battery pack, charges up quickly (50% in an hour, full in 3) and charges devices quickly as well. It was able to 80% charge my S9 in about an hour over USB-C. Qi charging was slow but steady. And the capacity is adequate to fully charge my phone twice with room to spare. I like that it matches my phone in size and shape, so it fits nicely into my pocket or phone holder in my computer bag.

Qi charging is the unique feature here, so starting with that. Put my phone on the battery, and nothing happened. To the instructions - it requires a double tap of the power button to start wireless charging, and it is on the side labled Aukey. Away it goes, with charging speeds from 400-800 mA (2-4W), across a few devices. Similar to what I can get from a 5W Qi wall charger. As advertised for performance.

The pack matches my Galaxy S9 for size, a little slimmer. So I can hold both and wirelessly charge. But I can’t get to the fingerprint scanner, and both have slick surfaces so tend to slide around. They sit together fine and charge on a flat desk undisturbed. In my pocket together, charging stopped within a few minutes as I moved around, and didn’t start again because it needs a trigger.

Between the slower charging speed and the need to sit flat on a desk to work well, I don’t think Qi charging is a feature I will use often. But it will be convenient in cases where I don’t have an extra cable handy. Note that it cannot do QI charging while being charged - I plugged in a charging cable to it while my phone was charging, and it immediately stopped charging. That is normal, just something I wanted to verify.

Charging with a USB-C to C cable or over the Quick Charge USB-A port was great. Consistently got 10+W for my Galaxy S9 (max a bit over 12W), and the same for an S7 and a OnePlus 3T. At one point, I had 4 devices plugged in, three charging at about 5W, and another 2W from the Qi charging device. That is measured on the phones after conversion losses, so pretty close to the 18W advertised. Overall, excellent charging performance.

Recharging is fast as well. It was drawing 2.5A @ 5V from an Aukey QC3 charger - I never saw it go up to 9 or 12V for QC3, but that is still just over 12W, with my power meter in the circuit. I also charged it from fully discharged for an hour straight from the same port with no meter, then discharged it through the meter, and worked out that I had gotten about 14.5 Wh into it in that hour, so half charged. That matches the lights, which had two filled and the third blinking. In other testing, two hours took it past 75%, and it hit 100% in under 3. All good numbers. And I don’t even have a USB-C PD charger, which could theoretically take it up to 18Wh and reduce that some more. All good numbers and excellent performance.

The appearance of it really is just like a black phone, except when you turn it over there is no screen on the back side either. Looks nice. The Aukey is the only very visible element on it. The text on the device is in a very low contrast phone, and I had to use a flashlight at an angle to be able to see it clearly, but not a big deal in general. And it included a nice USB-C charging cable, long enough to be convenient and worked well for charging both my phone and the battery pack.

From here on out is numbers and methodology, so skip if you don’t care about details.

Vital Statistics:
Weight: 6.9 oz. (195g)
Dimensions:3” wide x 5.8” long x .63” high
Peak Input (to Battery) Charge Speed: 2.5A @ 5V- 12.5W
Input (Charge) Capacity: 7200mAh @ 5V, 36Wh
Charge Time from full discharge: <3hrs on a good QC charger.
Peak Output (to Phone/ Device) Discharge Speed: 1.33A @ 9V - 12W
Output (Discharge) Capacity: 5500mAh @ 5V, 27.5Wh
1 hr charge from empty on USB-C with QC3 - 14.8Wh

The listed capacity is 8000 mAh, or 29.6Wh, which means it is using standard 3.7V lithium ion batteries internally. Current flows in and at 5V or higher per USB and QC specs, so testing measurements were done at 5V. In my testing, at 5 V, the capacity in was around 36Wh and out was 27.5Wh. There are losses on both charging and discharging, from both the batter, cables, and the power meter in this case, so I usually estimate the available capacity by averaging the charge and discharge numbers - in this case, around 31.8Wh, a bit better than advertised.

To test capacity, I fully discharged it until it shut off and would not turn back on. Then I fully charged it twice, and fully discharged it twice, with those 4 cycles all through my USB Power Meter, each time recording the full mAh readings at charged and discharged. All @ 5V with no quick charging, to make it easier to calculate capacity numbers.
Full Charge 1: 7135 mAh @ 5V - 35.6Wh Charge
Full Discharge 1: 5432 mAh @ 5V - 27.2Wh Discharge
Full Charge 2: 7296 mAh @ 5V - 36.5W Charge
Full Discharge 2: 5524 mAh @ 5V - 27.6Wh Discharge

A few more pictures for good measure and for anyone who slogged through until the end:

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Excellent review man, well done👍

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I must get one of those power meters myself, what would be a really good one?
Any brands to stay away from?

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There are a bunch out there. Mine has held up well, but isn’t officially rated to go high enough for QC or PD voltages (it will measure 9V without issue, I haven’t found anything I tested that actually uses 12V for charging). And has no USB-C, so I have to stick to adapters.

I did a search at amazon:
Looking for something like this:
Apparently one review says the USB-C input and output are labeled backwards, and if you put them on as labeled it reads 0 until you reset the device. Sort of a take your chances for a good price. Which is what I did with mine years ago.
Or this, if you want something made by a company with a reputation and a warranty:

I can’t help you much from here. Mine isn’t perfect, but I use it less than I used to , so not looking to invest in a replacement.

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Thanks for that, much appreciated

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Brilliant review @TahaEng Very thorough!

I think this is just what I’d hope to see, you had a good plan and highlighted key features well.

Great job :smiley: :clap:


Great review @TahaEng job well done :+1: with nice pictures too… :ok_hand:


Very interesting review. I enjoyed reading it.


Great depth review on PB-Y25. Your review helped me to know what this portable charger is capable of compared to other similar products.


Glad you got some useful insights! Keep checking back for more testing insights from our community :clap::clap:

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Great detailed review @TahaEng :+1:

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