AUKEY PB-Y24 26800 Universal Review

AUKEY provided me with their largest and highest outputting power bank. The AUKEY PB-Y24 26800 Universal. Here’s my review:

Made with laptops and larger USB-C devices in mind. Its 60W USB-C PD output fully supports 12-inch and 13/14-inch laptops. And will work with 15/16-inch laptops, provided you aren’t pushing them too hard. It has more capacity than other 60W power banks, hitting the unofficially 26,800mAh limit. That’s the legal limit allowed on all US flights. Though many airlines (including the top four) will allow larger power banks.

It is also a rare power bank offering two USB-C ports. And can support fast charging two devices at once. Provided you use the correct pair of USB ports.

Great for anyone needing to power their laptop on the go. Or looking to fast charge two devices at once. And keeping those devices powered for a while.

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Nice review. Thanks for sharing.

Just a note, all airlines that I’m aware of accept up to 27000mah. That is why the size is specifically just under that number.

Unless some airlines have taken it upon themselves to change their own guidelines, I believe the FAA and other airline authorities abide by this. :pray:

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Thanks, glad you liked it.

FAA rules allow for 100Wh (27,027mAh for power banks) on all US flights. All airlines must abide by this rule, meaning they cannot restrict below this limit. There is no limit on the total Wh you can bring aboard.

I believe the 26,800mAh limit with power banks is due to the individual lithium cells they use. Each adds a minimum mAh, and adding one more cell to 26,800mAh puts you over the 27,027mAh limit.

FAA rules also allow airlines to accept up to two 160Wh (43,243mAh) lithium battery devices at their own discretion. American, Delta, Southwest, and United all allow for this larger allotment.

All lithium batteries must be in the passenger cabin and cannot be in checked luggage, regardless of size.

Things can get tricker when flying internationally. Most countries allow the same 100Wh limit. But there isn’t an international rule so best to double check lithium limits with your airline. Going above 100Wh is hit or miss. Some countries also have stricter enforcement. China checks batteries before you get on the plane, where the US relies on the flight crew to enforce.

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Some good points made for sure! :slight_smile: