AUKEY PB-Y23 20000mAh Universal Power Bank stopped receiving charge

My power bank has been working great for a year and a half and I use it regularly, but it suddenly doesn’t want to receive a charge. When I plug it in, the first of the four green lights flashes, and it keeps flashing that one light until I unplug it. It does not appear to be charging at all. I have tried a variety of different cables (USB C and micro-usb), so I don’t think it’s the cable that is the issue.

Model: AUKEY PB-Y23 20000mAh Universal Power Bank

Any advice on how I can get it working again? Thanks in advance,


Resolved: I kept plugging/unplugging it and one time it just worked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Thanks for letting us know that it worked. If you have any further issues, by all means come back and let us know :pray:

It sounds like the powerbank had gotten very low.
If it happens again you can also try plugging it in to a lower power usb port for a few hours or overnight instead of using the full power charger.