Aukey OnBoard Wi-Fi Password

After installing my Aukey Wi-Fi Dashboard Camera DR02 P, I installed the Aukey OnBoard app on my Android phone. However, to connect my phone to the Camera requires a password. I tried 0’s and 1’s and a host of other simple passwords, with no success. I sent an email to Support before, but my response was “We are currently not fully aware of the problem or the password you mentioned. It is recommended that you wait for a while. We will ask the corresponding person in charge and get back to you immediately.” I’m still waiting

Does anyone know the password to connect my cell phone to my Aukey via Wi-Fi?
Al Cohen

Hi @alcohen43

I’ve just shared this with the team to push quicker. Hopefully they get back to you soon. :pray:

Please contact our service team at

I’m having the same problem, have they given you the password for it? I’m still waiting for an answer.


SSID: AUKEY-fceee6338707 PWA2: 12345678

SSID: AUKEY-fceee6338707 PWA2: 12345678