Aukey Omnia Mix 65W Review

Ok, first off I apologize I am a little late here, the coronavirus really made everything very hectic. So without any more delays here is my review of a fantastic device.

The Aukey Omnia Mix 65W is really a very sound device. The initial shipment came in quickly with no real issues. The box at first glance is surprisingly small as you think 65W and really expect much larger. (Very impressed here).

After removing the cellophane, the device comes out even smaller than the box by about 66% of the box size (we are talking tiny at this point)

Initial impressions after getting over the size is the weight. The Omnia is not light as a feather, nor as heavy as a laptop brick. It has a subtle girth to it that indicates solid workmanship. The external materials feel neither cheap nor rushed, overall the feel you initial suspect is well made. The AC plug folds in when not in use (i.e. perfect for tossing into a backpack for travel), while also having a power delivery port and a usb-a quick charge port.

Labels are clearly affixed, with a welcome manual enclosed as well. Usage could not be better given the nature of the device. Phones tested on the USB-A included a galaxy s10, iphone 6s, iphone 7, LG v35 and a LG G8. As expected, each device charged like it should, including fast charge modes as necessary. The PD was used for an iphone XR, galaxy s10, LG V35 / G8 as well as 2 laptops thrown in, a Macbook as well as a Dell XPS. While the phones worked as expected ( the Samsung and LG devices had the same charge times regardless of port as expected), the laptops were the shining parts. The Macbook easily charged through the PD port, while the XPS also had zero issues which came as a bit of a surprise given the power drain the device usually has. One note to keep in mind, the Macbook worked fine with the QC port occupied by an LG device, but the XPS was a little underwhelming losing almost 18W for the PD port. The overall results did please me as well as defend the price point so I could not be happier and am looking to eventually pick up a second.

Heatwise, the Aukey under heavy load was less warm to the touch than a competitor device also under a larger load. The GaN material really shows how efficient the device is. Overall I cant really gripe against the device in any way other than the price tag is large (but it is worth it so its a push really).

Really appreciated the chance to test this, it was seriously cool to see, even my IT department is looking into these over the stock dell charge bricks they always buy. Very well done.


Great review!

Great review :+1:
I really like that you list the different devices you have used it with, actually people in general have been quite good at that with their reviews on here

Thanks, I really think it is important to show the flexibility. Samsung, Apple and my LGs all tend to use different charging standards. If I can get at least 1 device from all three groups I can help someone else see that it can do anything.

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Great review @Monkee

Thanks for the thoroughness as always. It’s good to see how it performs with laptops. What was the charging speed like - comparable to the large charging bricks?

I’ll certainly be looking to upgrade :muscle::muscle:

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Wow. These look fantastic. Thanks for the review. Can’t wait to get my own after payday :clap::clap:

The brick that comes standard with my XPS is a 45 Watter, though my docking station at work is 65. In terms of speed it would charge as fast as my docking station with no other devices installed, but more like my mobile brick the when I was charging my phone as well. Overall the 45W minimum is more than enough to run some higher draining programs and not decrease in battery life. I am really happy about it and will be making my work buy another just for my work functions due to the size and features.

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It certainly is a handy purchase when you save space and hassle dragging large charging bricks around town. Great to see it’ll do everything you need :smiley: