Aukey Omnia Mix 4 Review

After having the Aukey Omnia Mix-4 for a little over a week. I’m ready to give a small review of it. I bought this particular one because it will future proof me. Also, having the 2 USB-Cs and 2 USB-A ports is very convenient.

First, I noticed that it is a little bigger than the Omnia PA-B4 charger. Of course, that is due to the fact that there are extra 2 USB-A ports. However, this is still much more versatile and elegant than carrying most laptop chargers.

The devices that I use this charger with are my Pixel XL, HP Spectre X360 (late-2019), Zendure SuperTank (27000mah External Battery).

Here are some charging times that I have logged with the devices mentioned.

On average it takes 2 hours to charge my Pixel XL (2016). Also, on average, it takes 2 hours 15 minutes to fully charge my HP Spectre X360 which charges at 65W. My Zendure Supertank took a little over 2 hours to fully charge. Note, that the Zendure Supertank supports the 100W Power Delivery input. It’s quite impressive that I can fully charge the battery in 2 hours.

I noticed that when I charge these devices, it doesn’t get too warm. I’m gonna guess that is thanks to the GaN technology. I noticed that when you plug in a second device (whatever it may be) it stops charging the first device for a second. Perhaps, this is negotiate the power distribution. Unlike, the PA-B3, PA-B4 I noticed it doesn’t spark it up as much when plugging in to outlet. Maybe the one thing that I would have to like to see is maybe a higher output on the USB-A ports. However, these are minor drawbacks.

Overall, This is an accessory that I have been looking forward to buying since hearing about. I’m overall satisfied with this travel adapter. Last I checked, there is a $5 coupon on this unit. Making it only $6 more than PA-B4.

Nice review

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Does this charger support QC4+, QC3, AFP?

Pardon for the late response, I don’t have the answer to that question since I dont see on the Amazon description.