Aukey Microphone

Spotted this one.

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Wow… that’s a huge discount :ok_hand: thanks for sharing :+1:

I thought it was quite a good deal, not that I really know anything about microphones though but at 32 you can’t go all that wrong, maybe some of the people who have a YouTube channel can chime in

That was exactly what I was thinking. Perfect for a youtube channel starter… they may get a sophisticated mic over the time as they grow, but as is this one is not a bad deal to start with. :ok_hand:

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That looks like a great microphone. From the picture I’m guessing that you could replace the cable. That’s a nice touch

Nice share! :smiley:

I’ve never used this, but I hear good things. :musical_note:

I’m actually considering getting one even though I don’t need one… Well not yet anyway, but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared… Right :grin:

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You could always get into podcasting or vlogging :smiley: