AUKEY LED Floor Lamp $30 off

AUKEY LED Floor Lamp 12W

$30 off $69.99

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Great product! Thanks for sharing @CK-Techie


Thanks for sharing!

It is a great price, I was thinking about buying one. I really want a lamp that I can pull out to go over the puzzle table - and for that, I would like a higher intensity light than this - a standard 60W equivalent is about 800 lumens, and this is 1200 - so about 1.5x. I would really like 2000 or higher for that.

YOu might need a flashlight that is bright enough then :thinking:

Similar product at that intensity exist. Just not from a manufacturer with a reputation I trust at the moment.
For instance:

That might be perfectly acceptable, and looks nice. But no idea what their quality control looks like, or customer service if it turns out not to be acceptable. If Aukey made something like that, it would probably already be in my living room.

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Pity we don’t make one then :frowning:


Great price. I own the same lamp :slight_smile:


i love this light all around perfect. use for many different applications. lights up a spot without bothering anyone or light a room with a chill vibe.