AUKEY KM-G6 Keyboard driver

Just purchased the AUKEY KM-G6 LED-Backlit 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard. There’s no mention of this product (nor any of your keyboards or mice) anywhere on the official website, nor is there a driver listed on the official support page.

Considering RGB functionality is normally dependent on software, this absolutely needs to accompany the product.

Please post the official driver for this specific keyboard model. Thanks.

Hi, just to be clear, are you implying that the software “GM-F4 V1.0.5.exe” --which is the driver for the RGB Gaming Mouse GM-F4-- is the correct driver for the KM-G6 keyboard?

I just need to understand why AUKEY doesn’t publish this link on their official website as part of the description/support for the mouse and/or keyboard, and also why aren’t any of these accessories published to the official AUKEY website in the first place? Are they discontinued?

Hi all,
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