Aukey Instagram Events

I keep seeing Aukey Giveaway events, but hardly see any winners announced, are these genuine? Have seen more than 5-6 times and I keep submitting these :grin:

Hope I get selected for this 8-in-1 hub :+1::crossed_fingers:


Not sure what that is referring to specifically, but that does not look like a current giveaway on either this site or their instagram page. If it is, let me know where to enter. :slight_smile:

If you are looking for the launch giveaway here, you should have already entered just by signing up for an account on the community. Details at the link:

I’ll keep my eyes open for future giveaways

The Pic I posted is from Instagram… I see this pop-up every time I login to Instagram

Hey, CK-Techie.

That is a genuine giveaway, which was run solely on Instagram. I’m not sure if they’ve already announced the winners, I believe they have - I’m just responsible for the Community, not Instagram, but I’ve shared your question with my colleague and they’ll be sure to let me know.


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thank you Dane_AUKEY :+1:

I mute most which show-up on IG, and make it a point to answer / sign-up for Aukey ones!

Makes sense! Great to see your support of AUKEY.

I was told that they’ll be announcing the winners on IG, so you should see that soon :+1:

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