AUKEY Hub USB C 9-in-2 stopped working with MacBook Pro 16"


Three months ago I bought a Hub USB C 9-in-2 and connected it to my brand new MBP 16". For three months it worked fine (just a minor issue with the ethernet connection, that sometimes needed an unplug-replug to work; every in a while a message from the operating system asserting that the unit was draining too much power and was disabled). I used it with two external monitors, two USB connectors and the pass-through power supply.

Then the past week one of the two HDMI output stopped working. Of course I checked the monitor and cables (with another computer): everything was fine. I gave back the unit to Amazon and bought another copy, thinking it was a specific fault of that unit. But with the new unit things are even worse: one HDMI still not working, as well as the two USB and power supply. As far as I can see, it is working only a single HDMI and ethernet. I also received again the macOS advice about a unit draining too much power (it then disappeared).

I suspect it’s something more complex than a faulty unit and might be something in the configuration of the laptop or such. I appreciate a lot the Hub USB C 9-in-2 so, before giving up and giving back the second copy, I’d really like to try some troubleshooting with your support, if possible. I’m a software engineer and, even though not an expert in operating systems and devices, I can do some deep testing if I’m provided with instructions or hints.

My MBP is running Big Sur (11.2.1 until yesterday, now it has been upgraded to 11.2.3). I’ve also reset the NVRAM and SMC.

Please let me know.

Hi @fabrizio.giudici,

Thanks for joining the Community. What is your hub model, is it CB-C81?

Hi ChesterW.

Yes, it is.

Hi @fabrizio.giudici,

Please try this to see if it can help with your problem:

MacBook in the following steps:
System Preferences → Network → click on “+” to create a new service → select USB 10/100/1000 LAN → Create → application
(click on the application shows USBUSB 10/100/1000 LAN green , Has been connected successfully), macbook this time through the wired Internet access。