Aukey gm-f5 Wireless problem

Hi. I just bought a GM-F5, and im having some problems in wireless mode. The mouse works for some times but then it starts lagging so much that i have to use it with the cable. Sometimes it just needs to be powered off and then back on, but the problem never goes away completely. I think it may be a driver issue, with the 2.4ghz adapter. Can i have some drivers to install? Or what can i do to solve the problem. Thanks.

Hi @Fabio2903,

Thanks for joining the community. Could you please tell me your computer system?

it’s a windows 10 gaming pc. Specs: Ryzen 5900x and 1070ti

Sorry but it’s been 4 days, can i have an answer?

Hi @Fabio2903,

Sorry about the late reply. Please search the driver for your products, and raise the polling rate with the driver.