AUKEY Global Fan Club (testing products)

Welcome to the official AUKEY Fan Club!

We really appreciate your support to AUKEY and are excited to bring you some great rewards like exclusive discounts, and the chance to test products for free! (just click the link under)

You’ll also hear about our latest products and tech developments. Feel free to share your AUKEY product experiences & suggestions or just talk about tech—we’re listening!

AUKEY Fan Club | USA, UK, CA :us: :uk: :canada:
AUKEY Fan Club | IT :it:
AUKEY Fan Club | FR :fr:
AUKEY Fan Club | DE :de:
AUKEY Fan Club | ES :es:

Let me know your Countries and the products you want to test out, it might be your next surprise!

I’d love to test out I’ll be traveling to a wedding soon and doing some camping (in the middle of nowhere) afterwards.

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Hi @rbj1128,

Join the Fan Club, and DM the administrator :wink:

I am from US, would love to test power and/or gaming product from Aukey.
Thank you

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I’m in the U.S. the PowerZeus portable power station would be interesting for camping and travel.

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Join the US based facegroup above, than DM the administrator there.

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That is right! See you guys in the group!

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