AUKEY Gaming Gear Put Through It's Paces

Like gaming? Fancy some new gear? Well, this review from CNET makes a good argument for upgrading your kit to some of ours at AUKEY. :smiley:

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I still don’t understand why people get so excited about mechanical keyboards. I find that most keyboards work fine for me after a fairly short adjustment period between different types. I do need a new one though, the alt key doesn’t work consistently on this one - rarely a big deal, but annoying on occasion.

I use ALT a lot…so I couldn’t live with that ha.

But I do agree. I like mechanical keyboards, I think typing with them is better than most typical keyboards, but it’s each to their own i feel. :smiley:

I got my first mechanical keyboard a few months ago. I’ve had them in them in the past. I usually find a good premium keyboard works the best for everyday tasks but for gaming I prefer the mechanical keyboards. I don’t know why but I found my gaming is slightly better. Honestly if I hadn’t been given it to test I still wouldn’t own one. I’m a light gamer and tend to play games that don’t require the accuracy of a gamer keyboard. I’d still like to get my hands on one from Aukey. I’d like to compare it to my keyboard.

Which one do you have now?

PICTEK Metal Gaming Keyboard

Nice. I saw some decent reviews for that before.

I like it.

Any opportunities to test aukies keyboard, mouse and mouse pad :smile:

I’m about to start some new games and would love to write up a review and compare them to my current setup

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We’ll see what we can do :smiley:

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