Aukey EP-T32R earbuds not connecting

Hello. I’ve tried many times turning off, re-pairing, reconnecting my WiFi on my iphone to pair the earbuds, and I still am unsuccessful. I’ve been using them fine for over a month and now the phone is not connecting to the earbuds even though my iphone is working fine and connected to all my other apps.

Hi @dharma,

Thanks for joining the Community. Did you change the device to connect your earbuds? If so you have to erase the pairing history of the last device, then you can connect to your Iphone.

Hi ChesterW. No, it’s the same device, a Garmin 245 smart watch that I’ve been using with the earbuds for about 2 months. I wonder if has something to do with the bluetooth on my iphone.

Hi @dharma,

We are sorry about the bad experience. Please contact about the problem. they will help you.