Aukey EP-T32 not connecting to each other

After following the directions/troubleshooting in the User Manual and Quick Start Guide that was provided by the manufacturer my earbuds won’t connect to each other.
I see in the forum many people are having the same issue.
I received these from my son for Christmas 2020. They didn’t have this problem until a week ago. Not sure what has happened but I need help.
Before you suggest I try to reset them, disconnect them from BT on iPhone, charge the box with or without the earbuds inside, or forget the device on BT, I have tried it all. I went on YouTube to see if anyone had any suggestions but all the same troubleshooting. The only difference is some say hold the touch sensitive pads anywhere from 5-15 seconds, replacing them back in the charging box.
Just out of options…
Please help…

Hi @Sjwalsh,

The last suggestion you mentioned could actually help. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Long press both earbuds for 5s to turn them off.

  2. Long press both earbuds for 15s, they will be turned on and then turned off again.

  3. Return both earbuds to the charging case and close the lid.

  4. After that, you can try to repair it to your device.