Aukey ep-t25 sound Lag when my phone is in my pocket


First sorry for my bad english im from belgium i ll try my best to be understandable

I receive my earphone aukey ep-t25 from Amazon yesterday and i start doing all the step that it was write in the manual.

Everything was ok the music was comming from both earphones.

Then i decide ton go out and try them, everything was fine untile i put my phone in my pocket. The music started to freeze and lag between 1 and 4 secondes. It was impossible to listen my music and when the freeze was more that 10 secondes it stop the music and i have to replay him

My phone is a Samsung A50 and it’s alwas at last android update

I try this with other phone and it’s the same problem

Is that happening to someone else to?

What can i do ? Can i refund it ? Or have a new one

Thank’s a lot have a nice day

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I brought the same earbuds (EP-T25) last week and I’m experiencig the same problem with an iPhone 7. I can’t put the phone in my pocket without having a music lag on one earbud. It looks like the bluetooth conexion is getting lost.

What can we do?

Hi guys.

Seems you’ve found a potential problem. Please both contact our support team to find out if there’s a fix for it, or a replacement.