Aukey Ep-t25 : one of the earpod does not work

Hi, I’ve a problem with AUKEI EP-T25 model. I’ve used it for months and never had this problem so this came out of nowhere. So basically one of the earpods (the right one) does not connect anymore to my phone (Xperia A2) and other phones too. The other one does connect and work normally.
When I put in the case the non working one, a blue light appears on the case. When I put the one that works, the red light appears. I don’t know if this is of any help.
It’s basically like the right one does not function anymore, it gives no signs of “life”. How can I solve this?

Hi @Chems99,

Thanks for joining the Community. Have you tried to reset the earbuds, erase the pairing history?

Hi Chester I have the same problem but with the left one. After months of use, the left earbud appears to be dead. Only the right one works correctly. I have paired and cleared the pairing list several times. After numerous attempts, I have found that the left earbud works, but only if placed inside the case after having pressed it for a long time, the music starts to be heard. Unfortunately when I take the earbud out of the case, it mutates no matter how long it is pressed while it is out of the case, it shows no signs of life. But when I put it back in the case and press it again it turns on and the music starts to play. This behavior is abnormal. It’s like if the left earbud works in the opposite way … how can I fix it? Like Chems99 When I put in the case the non-working one, a blue light appears on the case. When I put the one that works, the red light appears, when the left one works inside the case the light is red. I think because when it’s working, it’s discharging, so the case is set to charge them. Now I’m trying to discharge them all… while they are inside the case. Please help

Edit: the problem seems solved… after let them discharge for a bit, closing the case of the earbuds, and reopen it, it seems to fix it. Now it’s working properly… hoping that will last!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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the problem persists…

Hi @Arthured94,

Thanks for joining the Community, and we are sorry about the inconvenience. Please contact about your problem, they will help you.

Ok thank you!