Aukey EP-T25 do not work with Skype and Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

I’ve spoken with support and it seems there isn’t a specific solution - the team are working on it!

I am in the same situation…please help as I have bought it to work.

Same issue here, have reached out to Support but no solution offered, only unit replacement (which doesn’t help)

Seems to be a common driver problem. The mike is not working at all on my desktop system. T25 is not detected as headset.
The mike is shown in the sound tools, but Windows/sound freezes when trying to use the mike.

Due to company restrictions my Windows version is 1909. Maybe the latest Win10 release shows another behaviour .

I am having the same issue, it seems.

My drivers are up to date as far as I can tell on my Windows 10 laptop, but it still persists.

Will be keen to know when there is a definitive solution for this.

On my MacBook, Skype has sound settings that are different from the main OS settings. Look in the preferences to see if Skype has it’s own settings on Windows 10.

I did.

Even tried making a test call to check, but it just freezes up whatever app I was using to make the call until I turn the earbuds off.

I’ve got in touch with support now and I am waiting for them to get back to me.

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I contacted support. It turned out that for Europe they have another support team/address.

They say the product may no be compatible with my device (win10) and that I should try to use it with other devices. Unfortunately, I wanted to use it with my computer so I guess what is left is to return the product as it seems no attempted fix is underway.

I am still in conversation with the Support team to see if anything can be done.

But I doubt it. :worried:

Hi, I bought this product yesterday, and today I’m not able to use it on Win 10, when I try to use the Mic the system crashes.
What should I do? Actually do esixt a solution? Or the only one is to return back the product?

I don’t think there is a solution as of yet.

I’m not entirely sure if it is a Windows 10 problem or an earbuds problem.

I would speak to the support team and see if they are able to assist.

having the same issue here. when headphones paired and connected to my surface pro running windows 10, it causes zoom, teams, skype and similar programs to freeze up and stop working. look forward to a solution.

same here. just bought them. gonna send them back. ridiculous.

Good morning, I purchased Aukey EP-T25 to attend MS Teams meetings on Windows 10 but unfortunately the headset doesn’t work with Teams.
For other tasks in Windows 10 everything works (music, system messages, etc.).
I also have an Aukey EP-B40 and it works properly with MS Teams.
Is there anything new about the resolution?
Thank you

I’m beginning to think that this might be a Bluetooth 5 issue.

I realised that my Windows 10 laptop only supports up to Bluetooth 4.2.

This would make sense as I have older Aukey Bluetooth 4 headphones that work just fine with the laptop.

But my 2 sets of Bluetooth 5 headphones do not work with my laptop.

That’s the only explanation I’ve got for this so far.

Hello everybody

I have recently bought the EP-T25 and I am actually experiencing the same issue on Windows 10.

It seems like there’s a workaround, though: I tried disabling “AUKEY EP-T25 Hands-Free AG Audio” on both output and input devices as you can see from the screenshot below (audio settings):

Actually the pairing is not causing freezes/crashes on audio applications anymore, but this NEED to be fixed, since I want to use the earphones’ microphone and not the laptop one.

Also, a friend of mine is experiencing this with another manufacturer’s earphones, so I guess this is a Windows known issue.

Currently EP-T25 is not compatible with Windows 10 system calls and can only listen to music.

Will you officially work on it?

Windows 10 doesn’t even recognise the EP-T25 earbuds! This is ridiculous. They work perfectly well on my Android phone, with Skype and Teams. I bought them to be able to work better. Waste of money if i can’t use them with Windows 10. There should be a warning that they are not compatible. I would have opted for another brand that actually works.

Hallo. Is it right that EP T25 in not compatible with Microsoft 365 (Zoom, Skype) neither? Do you have anoother product that works better here?