Aukey EP-T25 do not work with Skype and Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

The earbuds do not work with Skype and Microsoft Teams. I have tested with Windows 10 and the softwares get literally stuck when I connect the earbuds. I have tried to change the sounds settings on Windows but no improvement. What can I do?

I would contact support and see if they have a solution. I haven’t had the chance to use Teams and I haven’t used Skype in years.

By chance do the earbuds work with watching movies and music on your Windows 10 devices. I’ve seen issues with other earbuds not working with Windows 10 with messing with the Bluetooth drivers.

With YouTube on windows 10 is tricky, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. It is clearly a compatibility problem with windows 10. They should provide drivers for windows 10. Note that the earbuds perfectly work with both Skype and Teams apps on Android.

Any solution or at least an answer from Aukey people?? @Dane_AUKEY