Aukey EP-T25 do not work with Skype and Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

The earbuds do not work with Skype and Microsoft Teams. I have tested with Windows 10 and the softwares get literally stuck when I connect the earbuds. I have tried to change the sounds settings on Windows but no improvement. What can I do?

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I would contact support and see if they have a solution. I haven’t had the chance to use Teams and I haven’t used Skype in years.

By chance do the earbuds work with watching movies and music on your Windows 10 devices. I’ve seen issues with other earbuds not working with Windows 10 with messing with the Bluetooth drivers.

With YouTube on windows 10 is tricky, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. It is clearly a compatibility problem with windows 10. They should provide drivers for windows 10. Note that the earbuds perfectly work with both Skype and Teams apps on Android.

Any solution or at least an answer from Aukey people?? @Dane_AUKEY

Same problem here. Actually mic is reconize by windows 10 but not fonctionnal even in windows sound settings.

Hi @frankthewizard

Apologies for the delay. We’ve experienced a lot of questions and the support team have been a little overstretched.

I’ve been told that it could be a driver issue - so please ensure that all drivers are up to date and that your Skype or Microsoft team software is okay. As you mentioned, it’s working fine for android but not your desktop, so its likely to be a driver issue.

Let us know if that helps :pray:

Hi @Dane_AUKEY, on my side Skype and Teams are up to date. Drivers too. Sometimes earbuds are recognise by windows as headphones (without mic), sometimes they are recognise as headset (with mic but not functionnal). It’s not a Skype or Teams side problem. It’s more on the Windows side and how it recognise earbuds. I have several other earbuds or headsets (jabra, anker, apple) and there is no problem with them.

Oh okay - well thanks for letting me know that.

I’m waiting to hear back from the Tech Dept to see what they say and if they have any fixes specific to your issue :slight_smile:


Hello @Dane_AUKEY,

any update from the Tech guys?


@Dane_AUKEY could we have an answer please? I bought this earbuds mostly for Skype and Teams meetings and it is REALLY annoying they work with none of them, as this was not advertised anywhere. I am going to return them if no solution is available but I need to know asap.
@Kyure have you found a solution by chance?


I have the same issue. @Dane_AUKEY could we have an answer please?

Hi guys. Sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve been told that there may be an issue with these specific to your Skype problem. I recommend that you contact us for either an update or a replacement. Include your Amazon order ID. :pray:

@frankthewizard Even with last windows update it’s still not working. I haven’t any solution by now.

I have sent an email to the support.

Same problem with teams we need a solution

Hello I have the same problem here.
It is clearly a driver issue. I disabled the handsFree function in the configuration panel and now it works only as a headphone. So I am using my laptop mic for teams communications, which is not very optimal as a usage.

Can you keep us up to date for a fix?

Same here. It seems driver problems, specially if you try to connect to a meeting with the mic. Both, Skype and Teams crash, and windows drivers crash until you disconnect the hearbuds or you need to restart your computer. I confirm that this only happend on Window 10 (with a desktop), with skype/team app installed in Iphone iOS 13.7 work fine. It’s a petty because I bought them specially for teleconference and I’m having this problem. Any solution yet?

Hi Dane,

I’ve sent an email to (with my user email). Could you please address to the support to let them know that I’ve contacted them? Did the team come with a solution?


Also I have the same problem… Mail sent to the support. Any solution?

Same problem here. Support, can you give us a solution?