AUKEY EP-T21 - Only pairing one earbud at a time


As others have described here before, my set will only pair with several devices one earbud at a time, never both together. Is there a solution for this? I’m giving it 24h before returning!

Thank you

Have you ensured they are fully charged before pairing for the first time?
Also if you only have sound in… let’s say the right one… while music is playing just try and put your fingertip on the left bud for a few seconds to see if it pairs up.
I have a manual somewhere with some troubleshooting tips if needed.


Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue.

@Kelly_AUKEY can help to troubleshoot this for you.

Our community also has various people asking similar questions. :pray:

Yes, they are fully charged.
I tried what you suggested - put the fingertip on the non-sounding bud- and didn’t work

So can @Kelly_AUKEY help? Thank you. I’d like this to work!!