AUKEY EP-T21 Not syncing with each other right (NOT the two bluetooth problem)

Recently got the EP-T21. Loved it for the first few days, but now it suddenly is doing something weird with it’s connection to one another.

When I pull them out of the case, one of the earbuds takes over and only that one seemingly pairs to the phone I’m using (or anything I’ve tested this with). The light on the 2nd earbud goes out.
Now, the second earbud does respond, allowing me to skip forward/backward. Also, I’ve gotten different earbuds to be the “master” at one point, so idividually I can get them to connect an play.

I tried to reset them via touching the sensor for around 10seconds and I see them both flash red at me to turn off, but this doesn’t fix the syncing issue.


Please check through the forum - there are many fixes found by our community :slight_smile:

I’ve also informed our CS team @Kelly_AUKEY to get in touch.