Aukey EP-T21 does not work on Windows 7

This bullshit Headphones only work on Android and not Windows 7. It does not pair! Windows endlessly is searching for drivers, but can not find working drivers. Do not buy these!!!

Where are the Windows 7 Drivers???

Nothing works on Windows 7. Troubleshooting all the time. Can not pair because authentification code is incorrect. Which fucking code??? There is no way of even typing in a fucking code! Give me my money back or sell working earpods!

Do you have this issue yet?
Did you update bluetooth driver like they did in the topic below?

you use a twelve year old, obsolete operating system which isn’t even supported any longer by the company that created it because it is SO obsolete, and you wonder why it doesn’t work well with modern THIRD PARTY software? Just like one year is 7 years in dog years, 2-3 years is a generation in operating system years.

This is not an issue of neither microsoft nor aukey. This is an ID TEN T issue