Aukey EP T21 Box Won't work

Hi everyone,
I hope I’m posting on the right place, I just created my account.

So I bought my EP T21 earphones maybe 1 month ago. Everything was working well.
But today, I plugged my box (to charge it) as usual when it’s discharged. The 2 green led were working when I plugged it.
Few hours ago, I unplugged the box and everything seemed normal. But after using my bugs, I noticed a problem : when I put them back in the box, the red led on my earbuds didn’t appeared. I tried to put it in/out few times and it don’t change anything.
I also tried to plug my box again but the 2 green led don’t appear anymore too. (I also tried to plug it with another charger but it’s still not working)

Do someone knows what to do ?

Thank you really much,

Edit : I’m from Europe (France) in case someone give me a contact link or something. Thank you !

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Thanks for letting us know your issue. I’ve informed our customer service team - @Kelly_AUKEY to get in touch with you.

Thank you really much. Do I need to wait or to contact her?

She should get in touch directly. But you can PM her in case too :slight_smile:

Okay I will !
Thank you really much ! :slight_smile:

Update : I can’t sent PMs haha
So I will wait…

Please contact our service team at

Please contact our service team at

Thank you, I sent a mail to the address!

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Hi @Kelly_AUKEY @Dane_AUKEY

I sent a mail on Friday and I still didn’t got an answer. Is it normal ? What’s the usual delay ?

Thank you !

Hi! Sorry to hear you’ve still not heard something. I’ll ensure that someone gets back to you asap :pray:

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Okay Dane, thank you really much. I’m waiting for it hehe

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Hi @Dane_AUKEY, I still didn’t recieved any answer… That’s been 2 weeks. Thank you

Oh wow. I’m so sorry to hear that. That certainly isn’t the kind of service we normally offer! I’ve just spoken with them and they’re checking now. :pray:

Thank you really much Dane… I hope I’ll have an answer soon to stop annoying you hahaha

Ha, no problem! I’m here to help. Sorry to see that it hasn’t been properly followed on on the CS end :frowning:

I‘ve just checked and they said they’ve emailed you - so please do check! :smiley: