Aukey EP-T21 Amazon Purchase

I bought my EP-T21 on Amazon. Canada. Do I still have to register a warranty as long as I can prove the purchase?

They should be automatically covered by warranty.
I have the T21’s myself and they’re excellent, foam tips made the sound even better for me.

I think there was a thread that went over this point. :grin:

It is automatically granted. Just contact our support team when necessary with your AMZ order number would be enough.

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Hi @Kenner2009

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As my colleague Simon said, you’re set to go with your warranty as you purchased on Amazon - so no need to worry :slight_smile:

Hi, I bought the EP-T21 headphones and the wireless charger just charges the right headset, which I do?

Did you take the tiny pieces of plastic off that are on the charging points?
Silly question maybe but they really are small and easy to miss

obviusly, i did it

Hi @andresmp30

Please check your manual for all troubleshooting options. If this still does not work, reach out to our team here @Kelly_AUKEY via PM.

Or visit us here…