Aukey ep-T10 volume low in one ear

I bought this AUkey-10 on December 5,2019 and suddenly from yesterday the sound in the right ear bud has dropped dramatically and become very low.

I have tried re-pairing the ear buds with my phone and on other devices and am getting the same issue. Please advice me on what to do.

Reading this thread, Im getting a sense that this is a common occurance.

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I’ve just started having this issue but with the left earpiece. I have tried the pairing history reset and it has not worked. From the forum it seems this has been an issue for a while now and I will inform if it improves but I think we all would like a solution or a replacement, thanks.

Hi @vshari & @SamRoberts23

Sorry to hear that you’re also experiencing similar issues. We’re working on trying to figure out why these issues keep on occurring.

If all of the troubleshooting methods on the community haven’t worked for you, and you’ve experienced this issues for 1 week or more - then please do send us a request for a replacement.

The significant majority do not have issues, but with any manufacturing process, sadly faults do occur :frowning:

I am having this same issue. I have tried the trouble shooting steps of clearing the pairing history. The Volume on the left earbud is still extremely low. what should i do next to fix this issue?

Hello all !

Same issue here from today. My left eardbud just has a very very low sound.

I need to put maximum volume to barely here something, even after pairing them again.

Do I have to ask for a replacement ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Any update ? I would need some help on this issue if possible :).

Thanks in advance,

Hi there,

I’m having the same issue with my left earbud, the volume is so low that sometimes it appears as not working.

I already tried the reset and cleaning, and also contacted support by email (the form at the website was faulty and kept giving me a network error); is there anything else I could try to fix this? Or is best to ask for a replacement?

Best regards

Hi @fbernardes

You may be best sending us an email at - tell them your issue and you may well just get a replacement.


Hi @Dane_AUKEY

I did mention that in other post (I’m not a big fan of spamming but truth is that nobody seems to be answering from Aukey), I already sent an email to Support and I was hoping that someone would reply to it.


No, I totally understand. I do my best to push through requests and have them deal with it on their end. It goes through a separate department so I have to jump through hoops myself.

I’ve just confirmed someone will email you right now. :pray: