Aukey ep-T10 volume low in one ear

In the right ear of my buds the volume has gone very low.
This is the master ear and although I can hear, the sound is very low.
It’s not to do with the device I’m connected to as I have tried multiple different handsets and also a laptop.
These haven’t been wet either.

Please could you advise on a fix?

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Thanks for letting us know about your issue. I’ve messages our technical support team and someone will let you know about this issue soon.


I’m going through the same thing right now and it’s pretty fustratin. Did you ever solve it?

Hi Jesse.

Thanks for your message on the community. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing the same issue.

Let me chat with my colleagues in the customer service department. :pray:


Thanks for letting us know about your issue. I suggest that you shorten the distance between the headphones and the devices, and clean the pairing record on the devices, after that try to reset it. Please contact this email if it still doesn’t work:

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Hello. Sorry I’m few months late but I’m sad to say it doesn’t help. The earbuds do work fine most days but right ear buds just decided to bug occasionally. Any advice?

What device are you using them with?

@Jesse Hi Jesse - sorry to hear you’re still having issues. @Kelly_AUKEY will help this issue. :pray:

I’m using a good pixel 3 but I’ve tried it with my iPad pro as well. No luck


I have the same issue with the right earbud using my phone.The sound is very low despite the left earbud still sounds great. Is there any way to solve it? I have a pocophone f1.

I have tried it on pc and the pc sound sounds with no issues. I have also triewd a samsung galaxy a20 and the right earbuds sounds normal.

i have tried again using my pocophone and the sound doesn’t work fine on the right earbud.

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Hi @pabliter

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue.

Our CS Team @Kelly_AUKEY will be in touch :slight_smile:


This is very disappointing because i have the same issue, but mine is worse because the right earbud is not working. No sound at all! i tried to fix and followed the same instructions as you mentioned above but it’s not working. I just bought this for less than 6 months and i am facing a problem now. The quality is very disappointing. I was recommending this brand to my friends but I guess I was just putting my self to embarrassment. Is there any other way that we can still use this the way it used to?

Hi @Superrr55

I’m sorry to hear that you’re also experiencing problems with your device.

Please submit a request to our support team for a replacement.


How can i send a request? There is no email add provided.

Please contact our service team at

hello kelly. I recently purchased a T10 headset and after several days of use, the touch botton on the right earbud has stopped working. It does not allow me to turn up the volume of the music or turn up the song. I have tried pairing the earphones with the phone again and have deleted the pairing several times, but the problem persists. As the right touch button doesn’t work, I can’t reset the headphones. Could you offer me a solution? Thanks a lot.

This seems to be a major issue with these earbuds. Last year I bought a pair and after a few months all sound in the right ear stopped. I got a replacement (which took forever to get to Australia). But just a few days ago the left earbud of the new set has failed as well. I honestly can’t be bothered going through the replacement process again.

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I am having the same issue, my right earbud barely distributed any sound at all, I’ve tried to reset them,give them a full charge,clear the Bluetooth pairing but nothing has worked,what should I do?

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Hi @Lamppost

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. If you’ve tried all of the reset troubleshooting options, then please send a support request for a replacement - :slight_smile:

In the mean time, please try this troubleshooting method:

To clear the pairing list, touch and hold the multi-function button on the right earbud for 5 seconds when the earbuds are in the charging case. The LED status indicator will flash 3 times. Then try to use them as normal. If it doesn’t fix it, then please do send us an email as shown above.