Aukey EP- T10 Right Earbud low volume

Hi, I am having a problem only with the right earbud of EP-T10. I have tried to disconnect and reconnect with my iPhone several time and even set up as new pairing. However, the issue is still happening. Other functions such pause, play and skip are working perfectly fine only the volume issue. Please send me a solution to this problem. Thanks!

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I have the exact same problem

Hope to hear from you guys?

Please contact our service team at

I’m having the same problem. I’ll contact service but my main problem is I’m in South Africa so makes fixing a slight issue.

Thanks for positing guys

I have the same issue with the left earbud. Can someone please help me with it?

Same here. I already sent the issue to support but no response so far - I’ve reset the connection and cleaned the grid, the only thing that I didn’t try was using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean the earbuds, because I followed that advice before and ended up ruining an older set of earphones.

same issue here - sent an email to but no acknowledgement yet

Have they responded to the email you sent them yet?

Hi all,
Please contact our service team at :slightly_smiling_face: