Aukey EP-T10 Left Earbud Wireless Charging Issue

My EP-T10 Left earbud has not been charging in the wireless case whereas the right one is acting perfectly, would there be a fix for this? (I have tried charging the case fully and taking the earbud out and putting it back in many times but the left one refuses to charge)

Hi :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Our CS team will get in touch with you @Kelly_AUKEY

In the meantime, please do check out the forum for more troubleshooting - there have been some solutions posted here.

Please contact our service team at

@Dane @Kelly_AUKEY
I have the same issue. Out of the box the left ear bud only works for 5 minutes and then it says battery low however, the right one works good even for 4-5 hours on full volume.

I recently purchased them from a local vendor. And checked the product on your website which says it’s authentic.

Please guide.

A worried Customer.

I actually have the same problem with the left ear bud and Im now searching for a solution, Ill let u know if I found any solution and I hope u also tell me if u do so.

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It’s best to contact support :slight_smile:

I did. No reply

Same issue for me with left earbud not charging. Sent an email to support. Waiting for the reply