Aukey EP-N5 Right Airbud Green LED steady

Hello Aukey Team

This is my first TWS .

Before 2 week I was ordered from US .it was working nice and I was happy about its performance.

Now suddenly from yesterday Right Airbud doesn’t working no sound output no connected.

It shows green steady led always.
Even I tried as per manual 7 times tap .then put in case take out…after all this repeated exercise …it’s led status won’t change

Support on this as soon as possible…

Hi @Sandip.mane,

Thanks for joining the community. Does it respond when you touch the right earbud’s touch control area?

Thanks for quick response
Now after 2 days right Airbud completely drain.
Now it’s functioning ok.
But having now another issue .now both left and right earbuds are not connected automatically to each other
Also one by one I have to connect with mobile.
One is connected other went in pairing mode
Please support on this